Peskett Solutions Ltd are delighted to have been appointed the exclusive UK and Ireland distrubution partner for the innovative ProReveal Protein Detection Test Kit by Synoptics Health, a division of Synoptics.

The test consists of a ProReveal Protein Detection Test Kit, which conforms to BS EN ISO 15883-1 and a ProReveal Viewer.

The ProReveal Test uses very sensitive, yet cost-effective fluorescence technology and will tell you exactly where, and how much protein is on your surgical instrument. This is a significant quality enhancement from current testing available and there is no other affordable fluorescence-based test designed for this application that is commercially available.

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Brand Names

Protein Detection Test Kit For Surgical Instruments: ProReveal

Matthew Peskett, Managing Director of Peskett Solutions : “We saw the ProReveal technology being developed by Synoptics Health in collaboration with Queen Mary University of London and were amazed by how easily it could detect where protein contamination is located on a surgical instrument. Current protein tests don’t really tell you where the protein is on an instrument and in an SSD, knowing where the protein is, can help you pin-point if and where, the issues lie with your decontamination process, and this is where ProReveal will provide a major benefit. We were also impressed that the ProReveal Protein Detection Test Kit combined sensitivity and affordability. We believe that ProReveal will be a real advance for decontamination testing and this is why we’re very excited to be chosen as UK distributors of this innovative technology. ”

Paul Ellwood, CEO of Synoptics Health: “We are delighted to be partnering with such a well-respected decontamination company to help us support our ProReveal Test. Peskett Solutions has an extensive network of professionals with SSD expertise and this will make it quicker and easier for decontamination professionals to implement the ProReveal technology into their facility, confident that they will have expert guidance in their transition to a more sensitive and cost-effective protein decontamination testing method.”