Matthew Peskett - Managing Director of Peskett Solutions Ltd. ( 2nd from left ) with
Frank Bass - President of Ruhof Corporation ( 4th from left ), Bernard Esquenet - Ruhof C.E.O. ( right ), and other Ruhof representatives
RUHOF™ is a brand with a worldwide reputation for providing high quality enzymatic cleaners for cleaning instruments, scopes and a complete range of instrument care products into sterile services, operating theatres, endoscopy units and clinics.

Peskett Solutions Ltd has been the sole distributor for Ruhof instrument care products since January 2000, working closely with leading medical device and washer manufacturers in the UK, while establishing a close working relationship with RUHOF USA.

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Brand Names

Enzymatic Cleaner Products : Endozime®, Endozime® AW Plus®, Endozime® AW Triple Plus® ( with APA ) NO SCENT, Endozime® Xtreme Power, Prepzyme® Spray, Orthozime®, Prepzyme® XF Foam, Liquizime®
Enzymatic Sponges & Brushes: Endozime® Sponge, Endozime® “The Mini” Sponge, Endozime® InstruSponge™
Lubricants: Premixslip®, Premixslip® Sprayer, Premixslip® Dropper, Surgislip®
Rust & Stain Removers: Surgistain®, Rinse Aid®, De-Lyme®
Autoclave Cleaners: F*A*C*T*S®
Scope Reprocessing: ScopeValet™ 3-in-1 Endoscopy Precleaning
Endoscopy Care: Endozime® SLR ( Endoscopy Bedside Care Kit )
Other: F.O.E.® ( Fecal Odour Eliminator ), Biocide®
Accessories: Endo-Bags®, Face Shields